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History as Told

A remarkable feature of life in campus, and in particularly in the Faulty of Law, was how it has made it easy for us to contribute to the wellbeing and development of society. What we learnt at the Faculty of Law stand in good stead, even after so many long years, in helping us to develop empathy to live in harmony with those who may not had the benefit of the exposure that we had and enjoyed. Friendships that began in the Faculty of Law have flourished to build bonds across the world, and Facebook and other modes of social interaction have helped us to keep in touch. Indeed, the Faculty of Law has been a great heritage that we have come to cherish, and to which we owe what we now are.

The Almuni Association of the Faculty of Law (AAFL) is in the process of strengthening these bonds not only to keep its members together but to improve conditions at the Faculty of Law of the University of Colombo. The Faculty of Law faces immense challenges in developing its curricula, teaching methodology and maintaining its benchmark standards to help its current students to face local and global challenges in the future. When one looks around, one sees the contribution past students of the Faculty of Law have made to society, and the journey must go on to make Sri Lanka and the world a better place to live.

By Justice Dr. Saleem Marsoof PC

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Executive Committee

Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo

The Committee of 2023/2024

Seated (From L to R);

Mr. Senaka De Seram, Ms. Thusanthiga Kumarasoorier (Vice President), Retired Justice Dr. Saleem Marsoof PC (Vice President), Ms. Dilani Alagaratnam (President),  Prof. Nishantha Punchihewa (Patron),  Ms. Subanie Ekanayake (Secretary),  Mr. A.A.M. Illiyas, PC

(From L to R);

Mr. Kavindu Hewa Geeganage,  Mr. Sanjaya Wilson Jayasekera,    Mr. Aruna Jayasekera (Asst. Treasurer),  Mr. Dhammika Welagedara (Asst.Secretary)


Ms. Farzana Jameel, PC (Vice President),   Mr. Mohamed Adamaly (Treasurer),     Justice A K Patabendige, Mr. Prasanthalal de Alwis,    Ms. Anjali Fernando

The Committee of 2022/2023

Seated (From L to R) Sanjaya Wilson Jayasekera (Secretary), Dilani Alagaratnam (President), Sharmini Goonetilleke (Treasurer)

Standing (From L to R)             Suhadini Punchihewa, Mohamed Adamaly, Senaka de Saram (Asst. Treasurer), Justice Mahinda Samayawardhena, A. A.M. Illiyas, PC, Prof. Selvakumaran (Vice President), Farzana Jameel, PC, Nalini Manatunga (Asst. Secretary),  Subanie Ekananyake, Kavindu Hewageegnange, Akalanka Tilakaratne (Vice President)

Absent:  Retired Justice Dr. S. Marsoof, PC (Vice President)

The Committee of 2021/2022

Seated (From L to R) Senaka de Saram (Treasurer), A. A. M. Illiyas, PC (President) Sanjaya Wilson Jayasekera (Secretary)

Standing (From L to R) Suhadini Punchihewa, Mohamed Adamaly, Retired Justice K. T. Chitrasiri, Geoffrey Alagaratnam, PC, Dilani Alagaratnam (Vice President) Dr. Darshana Sumanadasa (Vice President, Nalini Manatunga, Lakshan Abeywardena

Absent:  Retired Justice Dr. S. Marsoof, PC (Vice President)